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Kobe v. Kenyon Mart

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day 1. write a letter to your past self.

Dear Allen of 2012, 

I’m writing to you because I felt that this was the year that was just blah…. We went through some crazy times that year some good than others. You know when we were always partying, drinking and getting high that year(April Fools). Just today, it made me realize how much more confident I am in myself than I was then. I guess seeing someone face-to-face helped me realize that the things we seem are hard is actually easy to do. I do wish we had the b*lls to pull off the things things we wanted to do. Sadly, we never did accomplish that ‘win’. Being that you are the 2012 version of myself, you have live those moments every time. I swear, we pulled a Lebron twice that year. We played the ‘game’ but never in our minds we aimed to win.

Despite our mistakes let me tell you what has happened since 2012. All the sh*t we put ourselves through has made us more confident. We SURVIVED Financial Literacy, stepped up our game, and we’re only 8 months away from graduating! Though there are some things that we’ve done that is left unfinished…you can’t help realize that things only get better. It’s unfortunate we can’t change what happened that year.  But I have made amends to everything and hope that sooner or later everything will fall in place. Maybe now or later,  myself or future self will unfold our thoughts and finally figure them all out. Who knows maybe, by destiny or unplanned events, will lead us back to changing the past and start a new..Who knows..Until then, I can only help to get better at this confidence thing and use our what we learned not to repeat the past mistakes. I promise to do take more action that our thoughts could not. 

P.S. Lebron won two rings. If he can fix his mistakes, then ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

10 day letter challenge


10 day letter challenge

day 1. write a letter to your past self.

day 2. write a letter to your your future self

day 3. write a letter to your parents

day 4. write a letter to your siblings

day 5. write a letter to your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush

day 6. write a letter to your best friend 

day 7. write a letter to a stranger 

day 8. write a letter to someone you’ve been thinking about lately 

day 9. write a letter to someone that changed your life 

day 10. write a letter to yourself